• Corner MINDA meet at Thrissur
    Corner MINDA meet held at Thrissur started with interaction of Mr Joju with mechanics. Meet includes interaction of Mr Prabhan with finix Sivadas technical team. The function ended up with the prize distribution for lotte winner Mr. Gopi
  • Chemists one step closer to new generation of electric car battery
    An ultra-thin nanomaterial is at the heart of a major breakthrough by Waterloo scientists who are in a global race to invent a cheaper, lighter and more powerful rechargeable battery for electric vehicles.
  • Low-Grade Waste Heat Regenerates Ammonia Battery
    An efficient method to harvest low-grade waste heat as electricity may be possible using reversible ammonia batteries, according to engineers. It is an artifact of many energy-generating methods..
  • Boston-Power Aims to Rival Tesla With Gigawatt Battery Factories
    Lithium-ion battery builder Boston-Power announced that it had received $290 million in "financial support" from Chinese government agencies in order to scale its battery factories.
  • Air-breathing solar panel stores its own electricity.
    One of the biggest problems with wide-scale solar power deployment is that you also need huge banks of batteries to store electricity. An integrated solution is about 25% cheaper and 20% more efficient
  • US doubles lithium-ion battery capacity with spongy silicon
    The Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National has created a new variety of lithium-ion battery that can store at least twice the amount of energy found in conventional smartphone/laptop battery.
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